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All participation in company surveys are voluntary and confidential. Social return on employment is based on the Social Return multiplier of $3.27 developed by Ernst & Young (2017).


2024 year-to-date estimated social return on employment


Moderately to severely barriered to traditional employment


Experienced houselessness


Staff reported that CleanStart has significantly improved their housing situation


First Nations, Metis, or Inuit



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Staff Stories


Steven is CleanStart’s first employee and is still employed with us today. He is a resident of the Downtown Eastside. Living conditions in an SRO can be challenging and he doesn’t have access to a phone or internet. Despite this, he always makes it to work for his 3 day a week schedule. Steven truly is the heart of CleanStart.


Jake has worked for CleanStart for 1.5 years – the longest he has ever held a position. Jake is a person with non-verbal autism and started his employment with us working once a month. Now, Jake shows up for his weekly shift without fail.