More on Sanitization

We work with the local health authority to ensure our response is effective for the given outbreak

We provide high touch point sanitization and/or electrostatic fogging treatment with hospital grade disinfectant

We are the trusted sanitization service provider for BC Housing and Atira Property Management

EPA Approved Products

  • Vital Oxide
  • Lemon Quat
  • Germalin

  • What product kills Covid-19?

    Vital Oxide, diluted Lemon Quat, and diluted Germalin

  • What is electrostatic fogging?

    An electrostatic fogger charges the particles of a disinfectant product to make them strongly attracted to all surfaces, including shadow areas.

  • What is the exclusion time following a disinfectant electrostatic fogging treatment?

    10 minutes, or until the product is dry. This treatment is safe for pets, children, and food preparation surfaces. It is also effective on porous surfaces, such as carpet.

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