What we offer

We offer several different methods to treat bedbugs, all effective and guaranteed to suit your situation and preference.

Discuss with our technicians if non-chemical, chemical, steam, or spot treatments might be the best fit for you.

Non-Chemical Treatment Option

As a method of bed bug control, we offer a non-chemical, non-toxic solution called Aprehend. As one of the first providers of Aprehend treatments in Canada, we know what we’re doing.

  • How long do I have to be out of my home for?

    For most bed bug treatments, you will likely need to plan on being out of your home for 4 hours after treatment. We will discuss this with you prior to your appointment.

  • Are your bed bug treatments safe for pets?

    Yes! We offer a non-chemical option to be extra safe. Just make sure you let the particles settle during the exclusion time afterwards.

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