What is Extreme Cleaning?

Our clients are often wondering what the difference between janitorial cleaning, deep cleaning and extreme cleaning is. Our friends at New Valley News wrote a terrific article on this exact subject. You can find the full article here.

Put simply, extreme cleaning is the professional cleaning of a home or a business that requires specialist equipment, tools, and products. It typically involves high-level clean-up, decontamination, and waste removal.

Unlike ‘deep cleaning’, which is just the removal of tough-to-remove dirt and grime, extreme cleaning requires specific training and skills. It often needs an urgent response, too.

In this article, the experts break down the definitions of extreme cleaning and when it is necessary.

What Are the Different Types?

There are many situations that require an extreme clean. Here are some of the most common extreme cleaning services:

– Trauma cleaning: includes the cleaning of crime scenes, undiscovered deaths, and suicides.

– Biohazard cleaning: comprises the clean-up of biological hazards, like chemicals or bodily fluids.

– Hoarding clean-up: involves the removal of clutter from a hoarded home, as well as decontamination and sanitization.

– Drug and meth lab cleaning: covers the disposal of hazardous waste such as hypodermic needles and methamphetamine. Industry-grade equipment is also used to return the site to a safe condition.

– Sewage cleaning: this is the treatment of sewage spills. It incorporates decontamination and sanitization of the affected property.

Why You Should Never Undertake Extreme Cleaning by Yourself

Without the right gear and knowledge, you are at risk of encountering hazardous materials, diseases, and pathogens. Professionals have extensive experience and can effectively clean up the problem at hand. This should not be attempted yourself, as you could mishandle dangerous chemicals and waste, such as used needles.

This type of cleaning also involves more than just removing clutter or disposing of waste. The whole area needs to be decontaminated and sanitized to remove all traces of the problem.

How to the Find the Right Professional Cleaners

When you call in professionals, you can be sure they have the right training, gear, equipment, and experience to effectively tackle the issue.

When hiring specialists, make sure they have the services you’re seeking and the relevant qualifications in that type of cleaning.

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