Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Our friends at Royal Carpet Cleaning wrote an awesome article on the health benefits of carpet cleaning, you can find the full article HERE.

Having carpet in your home is amazing. Carpet adds style with texture and color, insulation by adding an additional layer to the home, and safety preventing slips and falls. Carpets also are able to trap pollutants and allergens until they can be removed at a later date. This is a positive quality, but it means that you need to regularly clean your carpet to keep everyone in the house healthy. Sometimes, just vacuuming isn’t enough. Having professional carpet cleaners come in at least once a year to deep clean your carpet has four great health benefits for you and your family.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Better Breathing

After a while without cleaning your carpet, you may notice that your house is starting to become stuffy. This is to be expected if you don’t deep clean. You will quickly notice an improved breathing ability once you clean the carpet. That’s because, during a deep clean, you remove any built-up debris in your home carpet and remove all of the trapped pollutants.

No More Allergies

Dust and other allergens are some of the most common allergies. Not to mention that high levels of dust can trigger asthma attacks and aggravate eczema in many adults, teens, and children. While vacuuming can temporarily alleviate symptoms, the only way to ensure all settled dust and pollutants are rid from the carpet is by performing a deep cleaning.

Prevent Mold

Because carpets are made from fibers, they can quickly become susceptible to developing mold and mildew, from old spills and spots. Cleaning your carpet can prevent mold and mildew from forming on and in your carpet fibers. If mold and mildew do form, you will need to replace the entire carpet, which can be costly.

Stay Cleaner

Built-up dirt can stay trapped in your carpet fibers. With this dirt remaining on your carpet, your hygiene could suffer. Think about it as wearing the same socks every day for a year without cleaning them. While you probably vacuum the carpet, there is a lot of hidden dirt and dust that could be compromising your family’s cleanliness.

Carpets are a great option for your family’s home, but in order to avoid the unhealthy consequences that occur naturally with carpets, and to preserve their health, you need to deep clean your carpet regularly. CleanStart Property Services offers deep cleaning services to many households in and around the Lower Mainland of BC. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.