How To Maintain Clean Carpets After A Professional Carpet Clean

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Carpets are an excellent addition to any home. For one, it makes the home feel more luxurious while also giving off the vibe of comfort and coziness.

From time to time, you’ll have to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

To make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, below are a few tips to help you maintain clean carpet after a professional carpet clean.

How To Maintain Clean Carpets After A Professional Carpet Clean

What To Do Immediately After Professional Carpet Cleaning

The first few hours after the professionals are done with the carpet cleaning service are the most crucial. Below are a few essential points to keep in mind.

  • Utilize warm air to dry the carpet when possible
    Carpet fibers dry more quickly in warm air. If it’s chilly outside, crank up the heat and switch on a floor fan.
    On the other hand, if it is a warm day, turn off your air conditioning, open the windows, and point one or more fans at the carpet.
    Either way, warm air will be circulated, aiding evaporation, and reducing the amount of time it takes for the carpet to dry thoroughly.


  • Keep off the carpet
    A freshly cleaned carpet should be clear of both people and pets.
    It would be best if you tried to avoid walking on your carpet until you are sure it has dried completely.
    While you’re at it, make sure your kids understand the importance of not walking in the area.
    If you are unable to avoid walking on it for whatever reason, it is recommended that you do so while wearing clean socks made of cotton or a pair of home slippers that are for indoor use only.
    Also, choose the shortest route feasible.


  • Don’t immediately move back the furniture
    While the carpet is drying, any furniture previously positioned on top of the carpet but was moved should not be returned immediately.
    Alternatively, if the specialist carpet cleaners place something beneath the furniture, don’t touch or remove anything until the carpet has had time to dry.
    Vacuum the carpet once it has dried to reduce the amount of debris that gets stuck in your freshly cleaned carpet’s fibers.
    After that, you can start placing the furniture back in its place.


  • Use a carpet protector
    Following a professional carpet cleaning, industry professionals recommend using a carpet protection product and applying it to the freshly cleaned carpet, depending on the type of carpet you have.
    Dirt and stains will not easily adhere to and penetrate the fibers of your carpet as a result of this application.
    Thus, you can go longer without needing to hire a carpet cleaning service.
    It’s best to ask your carpet cleaning professional for specific advice on carpet protectors for your carpet.

What To Do In Between A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Now that you have a good idea of what to do right after the cleaning service, the tips below will help keep your carpet clean for longer.

  • Clean stains and spills immediately
    Don’t freak out if something gets spilled on your carpet or if you discover a fresh stain on it.
    Instead, try to eliminate the stain or wipe up the spill as soon as possible.
    The more time you take before cleaning the stain, the harder it will be to get the carpet clean again.


  • Don’t rub
    When you clean your carpet, you should avoid forcefully rubbing any area.
    Rubbing causes damage to the fibers.
    Furthermore, it just makes things worst most of the time.
    Instead, use a cloth to blot the stain to remove it.
    You can consult a specialist to help you choose the best spot treatment option between professional cleaning appointments.


  • Vacuum regularly
    More dirt and filth will accumulate on your carpet’s fibers the longer you go between vacuuming sessions, and the harder it will be to get rid of them.
    A good rule of thumb is to vacuum carpets at least once per week, preferably twice per week.
    Also, high-traffic carpets need more vacuuming.


  • Use mats at home entrances
    If you use a mat, the amount of dirt tracked into your home by your guests and family will be reduced.
    Put a mat outside your door to keep the dirt and debris from getting inside.
    Also, if possible, have guests and family remove their shoes before entering.


  • Avoid direct sunlight
    On a hot day, opening the windows and blinds may seem like a brilliant idea.
    However, the sun’s UV radiation can cause a deterioration of your carpet.
    Dark carpets are particularly susceptible to sun damage.
    If you have carpets near the windows, it’s best to have the windows covered with a special film that blocks the UV light from passing through the glass.

A Word About Vacuuming You Carpets

Arguably, vacuuming is the most important task for keeping your carpet clean and prolonging its longevity. Hence, below are a few tips for doing it the correct way.

  • Set the right speed
    Vacuuming at the right pace is one of the best carpet cleaning tactics you can employ.
    This will depend on the type of carpet you have and the effectiveness of your vacuum.
    Generally, don’t try to vacuum too fast, slow it down.
    Also, move the vacuum forward and backward as you work. This enables the vibrations of the machine to dislodge any dirt and debris.


  • Be mindful about the vacuum
    Consider the appliance’s inner workings when vacuuming.
    In order for your vacuum cleaner to work correctly, it must be able to draw in enough air.
    If you have the habit of letting the vacuum get packed to the brim before you unload it, it will be less effective.


  • Pick the right tool
    Vacuum cleaners come in various styles and designs.
    Ensure you know what will work best with your carpet.
    For example, vacuums with beater bars should not be used on carpets or rugs crafted from natural materials or have looping fibers.
    Additionally, it would help if you employed the right accessory for the task. For example, you’ll need a crevice tool for corners and edges.

Final Thoughts On Maintaining Clean Carpets After A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

If you own a carpet, then having them cleaned by a professional is a must if you want to increase the life your carpets, keep them looking fresh and reduce allergens in your home.

You can follow the critical points mentioned above to ensure that your carpets remain as clean as possible in between booking your professional carpet cleaning services.

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