How to Spot Bugs While Traveling & What to Do

Our friends at Ky-Ko Pest Prevention wrote a helpful article on “How to Spot Bedbugs While Traveling and What to Do About It.”

How to Spot Bugs While Traveling & What to Do

The last thing you want or expect during a relaxing vacation is bedbugs in your hotel room. The issue is a constant concern for travelers and hoteliers, and rightly so, since these pests can spread quickly and can be difficult to kill with DIY efforts. These bloodsuckers can also hitch a ride on suitcases and travel back home with you or to another hotel if you are not careful.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening and have a great vacation if you know how to spot these critters before you nose-dive into ‘fresh’ sheets in your hotel room.


How to Check For Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room

Bedbugs are smart enough to hide but not smart enough to cover their tracks. So when you check-in and head inside your hotel room, do not unpack immediately. First, check the room for:

●Bed bug shells or molted skin

●Fecal spots

●Bed bug eggs



Look for these signs in the following spots:

The Bedframe and Mattress

Just picking up the mattress won’t help you. Bed bugs usually hide in frame joints and other dark spots that are difficult to spot. Inspect those with a black light or a flashlight first and then examine the crevices in the headboard, especially in the intricate design. Also, check the seams in the mattress and the zipper. If you don’t spot anything, lift the mattress and look under it.

Sofas and Throw Pillows

If the hotel you are staying at has bedbugs, you may find some in sofas and throw pillows in your room. Examine the seams, the slipcover (inside and out), and along the zippers of the decorative cushions and pillows.

Floorboards and Closets

Bedbugs can hide in the closet in your room and the floorboards as well. Check areas where the floorboards or molding meet the wall and look at the seals of the drawers and doors, joints, and corners of the closet. Wherever you can find a spider web, you can find bed bugs if there is an infestation.

Check the Nightstands

Check the corners and drawer seals in your nightstand. Bedbugs like to crawl into those spots to lay their eggs. Also, check the underside of the lampshade or areas where it touches the nightstand. This includes the alarm clocks, picture frames, and any other bedside décor.

Luggage and Luggage Stands

Before placing your luggage in it, examine the webbing on the luggage stand and especially the area where it wraps around the frame. Plus, never place your luggage on the bed before doing this. You may get some pesky hitchhikers without being aware of it.


What You Can Do If There Are Bedbugs

If you find bedbugs in any of the spots mentioned above, take action quickly, so you don’t get them on you. Here are some things you should do:

Separate your belongings

If you think there are bedbugs in your hotel room, the first thing you should do is separate your belongings. The last thing you want or need is bloodsucking hitchhikers. Place all of your items and clothes in close contact with the bed in a plastic bag and seal them. Plus, do not leave any clothes on the sheets.

Take Pictures of the Evidence

The hotel staff may not believe you without evidence. So make sure you take photos of bedbug signs (such as fecal matter, bloody spots, etc.) and bites if you have any. If you aren’t squeamish, capture one and show it to them as irrefutable evidence.

Let the Host Know

Whether you are staying at a hotel or an AirBnB, the chances are that the host doesn’t know they have a bedbug problem. So inform them as soon as you think there is an infestation. You may be offered a different room, and they can contact a pest control company to take care of the problem as well.

Stay calm during this interaction, so you don’t miss out on a potential refund or room change. Tell the staff what you want them to do politely and ask if they can clean your belongings.

Leave the Room

If the room has a bedbug problem, leave it as soon as you can. The longer you stay there, the higher the chances that some will get on you or your luggage. Most hotels provide refunds, and if they refuse, insist and complain to management if they don’t. As hoteliers, they have a duty of care to ensure guests are comfortable while staying with them.

The bottom line is that if you are a frequent traveler, the chances are high that you may bring back bedbugs from your travels. Use the tips mentioned above to reduce those chances significantly. Hitchhikers are difficult to spot. But the good news is that even if you do bring some back, they can be eliminated by professionals easily.


Contact Pest Control Professionals

We hope this article helps you on how to spot bugs while traveling & what to do. Bedbugs have become a problem in hotels and homes across the country. If you bring back even a single one from your travels, they can multiply quickly and make your family’s life a living hell. If you are facing this issue and are searching for pest control professionals, look no further than CleanStart Property Services. Please fill out our form or call us to schedule a inspection.