Top 7 Items Taken By Junk Removal Companies

Our friends at Junk-A-Haulics wrote an awesome article on the top 7 items taken by junk removal companies, did the list surprise you? You can find the full article HERE.

Calling a junk removal company in can be the best decision you will make when trying to clear the clutter and make your home feel welcoming and clean again. It takes a lot of work to haul things out of your living space, especially when you need to get rid of bulky items like appliances, furniture, and construction debris.

Junk haulers handle the heavy lifting through a full-service approach. First, you decide which junk items you want to get out of the house, then the full-service junk removal companies offer the strength and planning to move these things out. Customer service is our highest priority, so we work hard to handle every detail relating to your junk removal project.

Not only are you getting these items out of your living space, but by calling a junk removal company, homeowners are also finding an eco-friendly way to dispose of these items. Some items can be hauled away to the dump if there is no value in the things you are clearing out of the house. But there are times when recycling or donating is an option, making it possible to reuse these items. Our team can help you explore the possibilities if you are worried about the waste ending up in the junkyard.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular items that a junk removal company can haul away for homeowners.

1. Mattresses

Getting a new bed is an exciting investment, especially if you have been sleeping on an old mattress for a long time. You need to clear away the old mattress, so you have space for the new one coming in. In hiring a junk removal company, homeowners get cost-effective disposal of the old mattress without renting a truck or large vehicle to get the mattress out of the house.

2. Refrigerators

Large appliances can be tricky to get rid of; they will just take up space if they no longer work and are still kept in the home. A junk removal company can assist with refrigerator removal, as well as services for other bulky appliances such as washers and dryers, broken dishwashers, and more.

Not only do you need to get these things out of the house, but it’s also important to consider how to properly dispose of them. For example, there are parts and chemicals within the internal systems of the appliances that could potentially be toxic to the environment. Because of this, careful disposal practices are critical.

3. Pianos

These beautiful instruments are nice to have in the home, but they do take up a lot of space. Pianos can also be extremely heavy, which poses a challenge when trying to get them out of your home. Additionally, pianos can’t be dumped in the landfill because they are too big and often contain materials that won’t break down naturally.

One option for piano removal is to send it to a local nonprofit in the area. A junk removal company can provide suggestions to find an organization that will accept the donation. Many charities can coordinate a piano donation, ensuring it goes to good use. Otherwise, we can assist with the proper methods for disposal if needed.

4. Televisions

Is your TV broken? Or, maybe you are ready to upgrade to a bigger screen. It’s important to use proper methods for TV disposal since hazardous materials are inside (such as mercury and lead). As a matter of fact, some junk removal companies don’t offer services for TV pickup because of these dangerous materials.

If you want to get rid of your TV, talk to our team about your options. Some solutions include hauling the TV away to a local recycling center to ensure proper and safe disposal.

5. Sheds

Clearing out the shed can be quite the process, especially since they are often the place where bulky storage is kept. A junk removal company can assist with the responsible disposal of landscaping chemicals, gas cans, yard waste, broken lawn mowers, and more.

When researching junk removal companies in the area, make sure to share details about the items they will remove from the shed or other parts of the home. The disposal process is different, depending on what you need to get rid of.

6. Hot Tubs

Having a place to soak and relax in the backyard is a luxurious feeling. But when the hot tub breaks down or you are no longer using it, it can be a hassle to get off your property. Call a junk removal company in for help with removing oversized, unwanted items such as hot tubs and other things you are no longer using.

Before the hot tub can be moved, a few preparatory steps need to happen. For example, it’s necessary to drain out the water. If possible, drain it in advance, so everything has time to dry out before the hot tub is moved. Then, it’s as simple as calling a junk removal company and pulling out the credit card to pay for this service. After that, you’ll have a hands-off method for getting rid of the hot tub.

7. Pool Tables

Bulky household items, such as pool tables and furniture removal, are another option to discuss when contacting a junk removal company. Homeowners will find that if big pieces of furniture aren’t being used and just taking up space, then it’s time to get them out of their homes.

If the furniture is still in decent condition, you might consider donating to a local nonprofit. Even when the furniture is broken or needs restoration, there are still people willing to accept the donations. Otherwise, pool tables and other furniture items might need to go to the junkyard.

Need Any Of The Above Items Removed From Your Home?

Do you have any oversized, bulky items that you are ready to get out of the house? We can help with large junk removal, hazardous materials, and more. CleanStart Property Services offers full-service solutions to clean up your home by removing the items you are no longer using. For more information, contact us to learn more about the items we take. We are here to help!