Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Pest Control Services in the Winter

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Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Pest Control Services in the Winter

Many Canadian residents will fall into the trap of assuming that colder temperatures mean there is little requirement for pest control. This isn’t intentional, it’s just a lack of pest control knowledge. Some people assume that if you can’t see any flying insects, then they can’t be that big of a problem. This is a dangerous and damaging way of thinking.

Pest control is still absolutely necessary in winter. It’s completely understandable if you’re a little overwhelmed, distracted, or even too busy to care during a hectic festive period. But pest control is something you should always make time for.

A Warm House Is Inviting

Not all things hibernate for the winter. A few nuisances that don’t include rodents, ants, cockroaches, and spiders. All of these DO enjoy a warm place to stay for the winter, and your home is a perfect oasis. You have a pleasant inside temperature, water when they need it, and the most important thing—food!

The rats will likely take advantage of your attic. There’s some excellent insulation there for bedding, nice and cozy. The mice will happily share your kitchen with you. Under sinks and behind refrigerators seem to be their favorite hideouts. The ants can get indoors before they go dormant for winter. They may not be entirely inactive if you live in a warmer area where it doesn’t freeze or snow. The cockroaches are survivors, so think of them as true commandos. They enjoy staying warm and are completely satisfied with whatever your kitchen serves today or maybe even yesterday. Unlike some children, they aren’t picky eaters. The spiders will try and overwinter in your yard under dead leaves and in woodpiles, but some will try to make their way into a nicely heated home.

Year-round Protection for Your Home:

Pest control is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process. By maintaining services throughout the winter, you provide continuous protection for your home. Regular inspections and treatments can catch potential issues before they escalate, saving you from the stress and expense of dealing with a severe infestation.

Consistent Monitoring

Quality Affordable Pest Control doesn’t just treat your home once and disappear. We regular monitoring is a key component of effective pest control. By canceling services in the winter, you might miss out on this essential ongoing care, leaving your home exposed to potential infestations that could have been prevented or mitigated.

In conclusion, quality affordable pest control services are an essential year-round investment, and winter is no exception. By maintaining consistent pest control throughout the colder months, you not only protect your home from invaders seeking refuge but also ensure a proactive defense against potential infestations in the upcoming seasons

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When you hire a reputable pest control service, they will create a plan for your requirements covering all bases. Both their prices and any guarantees they provide should be disclosed upfront.

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